One of our favorite things in life is family. The amazing moments that transpire between each connection within a family are absolutely meant to be cherished and loved. 

We are Daniel & Stephanie Bishop, owners of Starling and Sage (our primary wedding photography brand), and we are so excited you've come to visit us here.

What we want to do with "Of Milk & Honeybees" is simple - documenting beautiful instances of love with simplicity and authenticity. We want to create images of your family that generations will look back on and think, "Wow that's an amazing photo of Dad, he looks like a rockstar" or "What a magical photo of little Louie!". 

So, let's go on an adventure together, whether it's in your backyard or on the beach.


"Of Milk & Honeybees."

When we wanted to create a name for our family-focused sister brand, we wanted something whimsical and magical. Something that reminded us of joy, heaven and love, like the promised "land of milk and honey".